Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and let me tell you, I have some feelings about it…

Everyone does, I mean, it is generally a very family-focused, nostalgic sort of holiday riddled with traditions, gratitude, and coming together — but this Thanksgiving will be different for me.

I moved to Colorado in 2014 for school, but 2018 will be the very first year that I won’t be going home to Arizona for the holiday. It’s not so much the location change that feels off to me though — this will be the first time in 8 years that I’m not orchestrating the feast. I’ll be attending Thanksgiving with friends, and simply contributing a dessert or side. This will truly be an exercise in relinquishing control of one of my favorite meals to plan.

What do I plan to bring to the table? Well, I’ll be attending my boyfriend’s family’s Thanksgiving breakfast and a former teacher’s dinner, and I plan to bring tailored pumpkin pies to both. To the boyfriend’s, I’ll bring along a brûléed pumpkin pie from Bon Appétit Magazine, alluding to the crème brulée his mother made the first time she had me over for dinner. To my former teacher’s gathering, I’ll bring a more adventurous pumpkin pie from Food52 that’s blended with tahini and filling a chocolate crust. Stay tuned for the results!